Why I’m questioning the ‘body positive movement’

How would you describe your attitude towards your beautiful body? Do you fall into one of the popular movements for body acceptance?

Or are you wondering when your shape and size will be included?

It feels like year nine P.E all over again. The teams have been created and I’m the last to be picked and to be honest, there isn’t a team I feel I fit in to.

I’m not curvy enough to apparently be #plussize or #bodypositive. I’m not always in a size twelve or above so I’m not #midsize or #averagesize . I can’t even buy Ashley Grahams bloody underwear, the apparent queen of body acceptance, so what’s going on here? Have I fallen short* of the club requirements? *Apologies, that was an unintentional pun of course.

If these movements are suppose to make us ALL feel good about our very different bodies – why do I feel like there’s a whatsapp group I’m not allowed to be part of.

As always these trends are made with the kindest of intentions. If you want to champion size six or sixteen why shouldn’t you and you carry on.

I’m a petite style blogger and I constantly look for instagrammers/bloggers my height as I find it hard to shop on the high street. Some of these guys and gals have done the work for me and can point me in the direction of a new brand they’ve found etc. When I find something, I share it! Hoping to give anyone else struggling in the height department a hand. Social media can be so great at bringing people closer together and a struggle shared and all…

My only concern is whilst we are unintentionally putting people into categories how are we making others feel that have a body size not yet being celebrated. Are we just fuelling the fire?

We’ve all seen that Boots advert in which they “accidently” skinny shamed the poor woman on the sun lounger. FYI I do know said lady on sunlounger was an actress however it felt real. Whilst watching it I physically frowned at the TV twice (not good for my lines okay boots!) and I felt extremely uncomfortable when it ended. I don’t know how all of the team members working on that campaign didn’t feel the same before they pushed the publish button.

Shaming one body to make another feel better isn’t okay, even if it is in the name of the “body positivity”.

Calling someone out on their body size is something that’s been going on since time began but before social media you had to actually look the person in the eye and tell them. I guess you could have faxed it or sent a pigeon but that’s a lot of effort so they probably didn’t bother but who knows. Now we see people behind the screen it can be easy to forget they are a human, they read those comments and it genuinely upsets them. Just as much as it upset you when you were fifteen and your ex boyfriends mate told you he said you were fridgid. And yes that did happen to me.

We’ve come a long way voicing the fact it’s NOT okay to call someone fat. Why anyone thought it was in the first place, I don’t know. I still scroll through comments and see women tagging their friends in posts. “Omg she’s so skinny” and “eat something please”. Skinny shaming is definitely something that needs highlighting more because it’s just as unacceptable as fat shaming. Why is it okay to point at someone and brand them “skinny” and not okay to brand someone as “fat” (even though like said, some people still think the latter is fine!). Both insults are just as awful as each other but it’s not yet seen like that by all.

I’m not sure if the hashtag #sizesixstyle would be quite as accepted as a #sizetwelvestyle. Both dress sizes are perfectly gorgeous so celebrating each one of them shouldn’t get anyone’s knickers in a twist.

Celebrating a smaller dress size isn’t giving people unrealistic ideas of body image. That damage happens when there are people with influence endorsing tea that makes you shit yourself and the mountains of airbrushing and photoshop used to edit body shapes, textures and in Kim Ks case, add an extra toe she didn’t have last week. The more we see each and every body type around, in its true form, the less people will feel like they don’t fit in and all sizes will become just bodies, which is what they are.

I guess I was waiting for my own movement. Something that says “Hi. I’m four foot eleven. I’m a ten in some shops, a fourteen in others. Sometimes my bra digs in at the back and other times I just don’t wear one. In the morning I wake up and think my stomach looks really flat and when I sit cross legged, do my makeup and look down, I resemble a little Buddha. Some days I love the way I look some days I don’t. I’m constantly on hunt for clothes that fit my height and want to help others do the same. The petite in my handle stands for my height – not my dress size. Can someone please create a wrap dress that suits me. I love my husband nearly as much as I love wine.

All ideas for a hashtag to encompass the above welcome.

I don’t need to create another category to make myself feel like I belong. There are already some amazing hashtags to help you find new friends, people that may have the same struggles as you and people you can relate to or learn from. When it comes to body shape we need to make something universal we use alongside everything else, to remind someone yes this is #sizetwentyfashion but I am me and you are you and we are both beautiful. Let’s celebrate each and every one of your beautiful souls and as long as we are championing everybody, we’ll be just fine.

Welcome to the #iamlovelyme movement. Because, well you are you, and it’s so very important you stay that way.

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Lots of love,

K x





  1. October 3, 2019 / 12:04 pm

    Such a great post – well put! Thank you x

    • Kirstiestillpetite
      October 3, 2019 / 12:10 pm

      Thank you so much babe 💕

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