What’s next for MMM?

Hello you lovely lot!

I didn’t feel like I did very well at school. My grades were above average but I didn’t really try so in my eyes it was a bit of a fail. Not to say I wasn’t intelligent, more along the lines of my head was living somewhere in a cloud puff and I was led on top of it drinking lambrini and spending my entire ASDA pay check on Maybeline dream Matt mousse. Stop judging me right now…

It was only after I’d left education I realised how much I wanted to learn and I think that’s true for a lot of us. One perk of being older is that you don’t have to learn things that someone else thinks you should. There’s no curriculum that needs to be adhered to and if you find something isn’t for you, you don’t have to do it for the next five years. The freedom to explore an interest further just because it really intrigues you is something I take full advantage of these days. During my beauty therapy course I found out that anatomy and physiology was a bit of me and it created a love-hate relationship with my skin and how the body, environment, what I put in it and on it can cause change. I may not be ready to give up wine and Monday pizza night but at least I know what it can do right?

I want this to be a space that is filled with things that I want to write about and hopefully you’ll want to read about. Stuff that really excites me even if sometimes they may be off the ball a bit. I want to chat to you about how the skin functions and things that have actually worked for me and the best date night set up. Starting blogs and my career highs and lows (I am totally obsessed with having a career I am crazy about). I’d love to write about relationships, what I’ve learnt and mistakes I’ve made. I want to tell you all about what it was like living in a little house with a big family and some of the troubles we’ve gotten through and some we never did. Being completely open and honest with you is my hopes for this little space. Even down to telling you all about my favourite carbonara recipe because I bloody love carbs and there is never enough Parmesan on my plate Mr. waiter.

Please bare with me while I am trying to find my way in this very confusing world of lifestyle blogging. Really I’m still that 16 year old on a cloud puff – I’ve just upgraded to red wine and Georgio Armani foundation. I hope you don’t all abandon me, stay tuned.

Lots of love,

K x


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