What I learnt doing Yoga every morning

As I said previously mornings aren’t my cup of tea, in fact getting up early enough to make a cup of tea isn’t a daily occurrence. Never the less, I thought it would be a good idea to see what these early birds (crazy people) were thinking and practice yoga in the morning instead of my late evening sessions in pjs. Here’s what I found out…

No matter how early I go to bed it doesn’t make a difference

Seriously …. going to bed at 9pm instead of 10.30pm didn’t make me feel any more refreshed or sprightly in the morning. I did however love crawling into bed earlier because really who doesn’t?

I am (or was) caffeine dependant

Because I was practicing first thing I was skipping breakfast and any caffeine until I had a break at work at around 11am. Welcome splitting headaches. You don’t realise how much it affects you until you do without! Stop it for a week… I dare you (only joking, please don’t try this at home). To all the girls at work.. apologies for being a moody cow and repeatedly telling you all I had a headache #soextra.

I’m no better at yoga in the morning

If anything I struggled more. Possibly due to my brain slipping into the things I have to do at work for the day, the fact I was half asleep and not having as much time to relax as I was clock watching. In the evening I’ve got time to have a bath, light candles and roll out my mat. Bliss. If anyone hasn’t realised I don’t yet have children….

Being a morning person isn’t actually important

I don’t know why (probably instagram) but I’d always pictured healthy people that had there shit together doing sun-salutations before 6am and then going to work refreshed and in a positive mood and I always beat myself up for not being one of them. I’m sure there are health benefits to being a morning person and yes, I’m sure it works for lots of people. The reality is I don’t like getting up at 5.30am and I probably never will do. And that’s okay because there is nothing wrong with just doing you.

Lots of love, K x


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