We’re getting married in three months!

A wedding is something I never thought I’d actually be planning. I haven’t been playing the day out in my head since I was five, even playing dress up with one of my (still) best friends Ellie I was usually her servant and not due to marry the prince. My parents never married so if I’m being honest, I never thought I would either. Not to mention the fact I’m incredibly uncool around the opposite sex but you know, clearly goofy is the new sexy. Fast forward to meeting someone I could actually envision spending the rest of my life with and somehow we ended up here. Knee deep in our first mortgage and 12 weeks away from our wedding day. I AM SO EXCITED AND VERY POOR.

Dan got back from his stag yesterday evening and he is feeling very sorry for himself today. My Hen is also just around the corner and everything feels so real now I can’t wait! Lots of Prosecco has been consumed over discussions of the day to come and there are 500 jars upstairs begging me to de-label them but we’re nearly there!

Below are a few things to think about if like me you’re planning your big day. Some of the advice people give you is worth remembering as I find it can be useful in other areas.

1) Decide your budget first – work out realistically how much you want to spend. With the average wedding costing nearly £30,000 I knew we were aiming for at least below a third of that (minus like £3000) it may mean you need to DIY a bit but let’s be real playing with clay, jars and ribbon is quite fun.

2) Remember it’s your day – it’s easy to get swept up in the planning, traditions and what other people have had before you. Every decision you both make, make sure it’s one that brings you both happiness.

3) Breathe – As annoying as it is for me to say don’t forget it’s just one day in the rest of your lives together! The people you invite are people who love you, they are not there for the canopies or to judge the lama you just had to have (even though lamas and food makes everything great). It will be an amazing day because it’s your wedding and no amount of confetti could change that.

Please let me know your best wedding planning advice!

Lots of love,

K x



  1. Caitlin Norris
    May 6, 2019 / 8:49 pm

    I cannot explain or put into words how excited I am to share yours and Dans special day 🥰 bring on this hen party 🥂

    • mindmovementandmalbec
      May 6, 2019 / 8:55 pm

      Thank you so much babe can’t wait!! Xx

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