The twenty something files – Settling down where you grew up

Well hello you bloody gorgeous lot. I hope you’re all well and had a lovely weekend. I’ve drank so much red wine this past two weeks I’ve practically turned into a bottle and am so ready eat some broccoli and drink all the water.

I bumped into someone I used to know from school a few months ago and she said something that keep popping up in my mind. Me being me, I then started worrying that if I was worrying about it maybe some of you might feel the same and voila, this post was born. Oh anxiety, thank you for being you.

Now this girl is nice, we’ve definitely shared some Micky Finns at a field party once or twice and had some laughs too. She didn’t mean to cause offence or make me wake up at 3am in panic last month I’m sure, but none the less it happened.

Walking down little Queen Street in our home town just past the chippy I saw her. We caught eye contact, awkwardly waited for each other to make the first social move and both settled for hi and a hug. Then came the dreaded line “So nice to see you, what do you do now?”.

Naturally I want to tell her I’m a brain surgeon, that I turned down Chris from love island on several occasions and how I comfort stray cats in my spare time. We all know at least three out of those three things are crap. I’m actually really proud of all we’ve achieved and I love my life, but why is it we feel inadequate when someone who seems to have ‘moved on’ asks us?

After telling her I work in a dental practice in Salisbury, me and Dan are engaged (now married woo) and we brought a house in the same town we went to school in, I got a bit of a funny look. “Oh you brought a house here? I’m just back to save money so I can get the hell out of shitty Gillingham again.” Maybe I was still drinking Micky fins in the field and she was living a better life in a better place? Well good, that’s just great. Thank you for your input I’m going to go hide in my house now and scroll through Rightmove.

Leaving slightly concerned it meant something that we didn’t have a burning desire to move away I stated wondering do all people that stay close to home feel the same? And do all of those that go to the City think we are mad for staying?

I’m not sure why there is a connection between living in London and being successful but it does seem to be a common thought. Don’t get me wrong some days I’d kill for a dominoes delivery, to be able to get a bus more than once and hour or to have a clothes shop that’s not cats protection but most of the time I don’t care. I can drive or get the train to larger places but also enjoy my beautiful back garden (my tomatoes are looking damn fine) and walking right outside of my estate and being greeted by seemingly endless fields. Not to mention ASOS do deliver to my house you know?

Moving away isn’t for everyone, and it doesn’t make you any less fabulous if you don’t. You make the right choices for you and they won’t always be the same as others, but it doesn’t take anything away from your experience. Don’t let where you live act as a marker for how well your doing, I can assure you, you’re doing amazingly. No matter where you live.

Lots of love,

K x



  1. jackie
    August 13, 2019 / 7:15 pm

    I love Gillingham and consider myself sucessfull. Ok so i don’t earn a fortune but i have raised my family safely, to become relatively sensible adults with a passion for the free things that this area gives them. Give me countryside views in any direction within a few miles of “home”. Not feeling worried when i walk down the road and actually knowing and speaking to just about every other person. Shop online and get it delivered as you mention. And no stress from having to compete for work. Money isn’t everything, as long as you have enough to make you happy then you too are sucessfull. <3 x

    • Kirstiestillpetite
      August 14, 2019 / 7:33 pm

      Thank you Jackie I couldn’t agree more! Give me those country side views and online shopping!! ❤️

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