The petite edit – Date night look book

Sacred is the beautiful ritual of date night.

You may see each other after work everyday but it’s not the same. There’s something so exciting about dressing up, leaving the house just the two of you and making your way to somewhere you’ll sit and enjoy each others company for a few, blissful hours.

Eating at a restaurant, still not grown up enough to act cool when food comes out of the kitchen and chatting about all the things you’ve done together. Skipping down to your local and staring at them through rose tinted goggles remembering, there is no one you prefer getting tipsy with. You are good together. You knew all along but it’s easy to forget, to get lost in the mundane processes of the week. But here you both are, back on the same page and enjoying each others company.

It’s often I wonder if Dan’s forgotten what I looked like when we first met. I can’t blame him to be honest. From using less and less perfume because Christmas isn’t close enough (any one else refuse to buy this for themselves?) and me treating him to five day unwashed hair plus the unmatching underwear…

Day to day we don’t make the effort we did when we first met but of course that doesn’t matter, you’re relationship is made up of so much more than aesthetics. One of the reasons I love date night so much is for that evening it’s like you’re going out for the first time. It’s just a lot less awkward and I’ll order two sides if I want to.

If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know I haven’t got a lot of clothes. Very odd for a ‘petite style blogger’ but I’m fussy about what I add to my house. It’s like I’m Regina George and I choose what plastics enter my clothes rail you know? I only let in what I love so I actually find buying clothes hard. I also spend most of my money on food and wine so it leaves little for other things, something I’m hoping to change in the near future I promise.

If you’re reading this and realising you haven’t been on a date night since the last time you exercised (2017 for me) then it’s time to book in a little time for the pair of you, or three of you I’m not here to judge. The looks in this post were all made using the same shoes, bag and blazer. YAY! You don’t need a new outfit for every evening. You just need a few staples, a good glass of wine and bloody good company.

Lots of love,

K x

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