Stripping back your skincare for autumn

Morning spot

Ahh good morning Kirstie

What are you doing here you weren’t invited?

Well I heard we were all meeting up for a party on your face?

Umm no?

Well we’re here now so let’s just spend quality time together.

*pauses to think about how weird I am for thinking about my conversation with a spot.

But anyway I hope your Septembers are running nice and smoothly so far and you are sending good vibes your own way.

I don’t know if it’s the weather, the fact my implant is up for renewal or that the spots really have just decided to meet for a casual on my face but I’m in breakout central. I feel like a fraud having bad skin sometimes. I use to talk about skin all day every day for my job and if anyone should have good skin it should probably be a beauty therapist right? Well if it is someone send me their product list because I’m failing.

One of the two most common problems I used to see as a therapist were ‘lazy skin’ and ‘ product flooded’. Right now in my desperate attempt to calm shit down I’ve done both. We’ve entered a new season and now is as good time as ever to surprise your skin back into action and I’m heading back to basics.

Switching up your products

Time for a stock take. Put two piles on the bed, one with what you use regularly and one you don’t. Try and remember the effects those products had when you first started using them. Still feeling the love? Keep using them. If not see if there is something in your other pile that you could switch up to for the season (to save buying new) or treat yourself to the product you’ve had your eye on for a while. Our skin gets lazy and changing it up can be the kick up the butt in needs. If your skins looking great and you’ve got that ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it thing going on’ that’s fine! But don’t forget if things stop working as effectively this could be worth giving a go.

Reduce your cleansing

Do you cleanse in the morning and at night? At night when we remove products and clean the skin we’re getting it ready for hours of repair and hard work. Now as long as you wash your pillow cases fairly regularly your skin shouldn’t get massively dirty over night so a quick wipe of miceller water in the morning should be all you need. Our skin has its own ‘good bacteria’ living on it which helps keep us spot free and glowing so over cleansing can cause a problem. Only thoroughly cleansing at night is definitely one I’d recommend if your being so good and the breakouts still aren’t calming.

Wear your SPF

Contrary to belief the sun usually won’t help clear your skin, boo I know. It’s because the skin needs a chance to defend itself from the damage that the sun can cause so it thickens it’s outer layer which can mean a lot more congestion and future breakouts. However, sometimes you can see a temporary improvement when your make up free on holiday and that is because the UV rays contain anti-bacterial/anti-inflammatory properties. The risk of sun damage totally out ways the above so always use a good non-comedogenic suncream. It’s the fountain of youth…

I will link the products below for my own new, simple skincare routine. Please let me know your skin care secrets!

Lots of love,

K x

Bioderma Micelle water

Bio derma SPF

Bioderma light cream

Origins clean energy cleansing oil

Yves Rocher Toner


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