Already this year has been a bit of a whirlwind. Not quite the “zen” one I had in mind. I’ve achieved no New Years resolutions as of yet (I will never be tall enough to be a Victoria’s Secret model and I must accept it – talking as if being 5ft is my only obstacle) and I’ve definitely drank more than the recommended weekly allowance of wine in one night.. more than once.

It’s okay though as a lot has happened I am really proud. Mr. Till and I are currently in the process of buying our first home (I have not been calm at one stage of this process he’ll probably leave at the end of it for me being a crazy bitch) and we’ve booked the venue for our wedding! I became a god mother to the most beautiful angel and I’ve finally started a course to formulate my own skin care products (which I will be showing you much more of in the future!).

My friends and family have achieved a lot so far this year too. My sister Caitlin is just completing her second year of university and my older sister Kelly is finishing completely this year and I am so happy for them, even if Caitlin spent most of the year pissed 😂 (I love you if your reading this). My mum continues to amaze me for supporting us constantly and all of our crazy ideas. When I asked Caitlin to summarise her second year I was sent the following. Bless her.

Reflection is so important to me, it puts my constant chattering mind at rest, brings me back down to earth and takes the pressure off. It’s so easy to compare what your doing against someone else or to constantly fixate on the end goal instead of the smaller ones you smash along the way. So even though at this moment your sharing a room with your mum waiting for your house sale to go through or you are in a job you don’t absolutely love, your probably doing better than you think.

Sit down, have a cup of tea and a digestive and take in all you and your loved ones around you have achieved. You’ll probably find that you deserve to give yourself a well done and hopefully will put that self critic to bed. Even if only for a little while.

K x


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