The Lovely List

Gaston Luga – Classy Black
Maya Slip dress
Asos perfect Tee
Nude faux croc mid stiletto heels
Cropped relaxed fit turtle neck
Ruffle waist cotton flared skirt
Wool blend oversized blazer
Nora Blouse
Maya Slip
ASOS petite farleigh straight leg mom jeans
White Stan Smith trainers
Petite frill sleeve smock dress
Moringa balm with cloth
No needle fix day cream
Glycolic fix might extreme pads
NYX micro brow pencil
Cotton macrame bag
Woven straw tote bag
Falsies mascara black drama
Clarins instant fix concealer
NARS hot sand illuminater
Marcia Dress
Kitchen herb garden
Next leopard print skirt
Origins clean energy cleansing oil
And other stories Pom pom sleeve jumper
ASOS Farleigh Jeans

My favourite pancake recipe

So today is the day. The day of pancakes. Everybody say “PANCAKES”. Can anyone remember what it’s all about? I’m sure somewhere deep in my…

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The year of happiness

It’s March and I’m not quite sure how that happened. I think I’ve glanced at Instagram about once a week this year and haven’t written…

Homemade Christmas gifts

Now I won’t lie. I did this partially because of the environment, probably a little bit more partially about my bank balance. Saving for a…

Being emotionally ready to get back to exercise

Exercise is a funny old thing. Something that apparently you never regret and you feel hella AMAZING after you’ve done it. Well I can tell…

When did we stop being able to say no?

Why hello there (waves). I hope you’re all well and haven’t been having that internal struggle with do I or don’t I get the Christmas…

Do we need more friends?

I don’t know about you but I can count my best friends on one hand. I actually have four friends that would hold my hair…

What’s next for MMM?

Hello you lovely lot! I didn’t feel like I did very well at school. My grades were above average but I didn’t really try so…