Our living room so far

It’s super rainy here in Dorset today so I’ve done a full house clean, made Mr. Till put me up some shelves in the living room (while I hid in the kitchen praying he didn’t ask me for any assistance) and am now sat down with a large cup of tea writing this new blog post!

When we brought our little house everything was brilliant white which was great because it was a blank canvas and, if I’m being honest, I thought that I would keep the white theme going. Too much Instagram scrolling and a few hours on Pinterest later I had decided we were having a dark blue feature wall in the living room and mustard cushions. Mr. Till is very supportive (and lets me do what I want if it means I stop talking about it for five minutes) so took me off to pick up the paint.


Due to this being the first wall we’ve ever painted and that we’re not yet grown ups I didn’t want to break the bank with Farrow & Ball paint but of course I fell in love with one of the shades. Luckily a friend at work told me about the colour matching service from B&Q so I took my colour card in and a few minutes later I had my “wanna be” paint. I actually felt a bit naughty doing in but when your living the champagne lifestyle on a prosecco budget needs must and all that.


I really couldn’t be happier with how things are going so far and because we are saving for our wedding (which is now less than a year away!) it has forced us to take things slowly and bargain hunt which I think has helped me buying things hopefully I’ll love for the next few years! I’ve popped below a few links for some items featured in my pictures just in case you feel like you need to treat yourself. Let me know your thoughts so far!

Lots of love, K x

Brass floor lamp

Wall colour

Wall shelves

Sofa & chair

Mustard cushions

Prada picture

Cactus plant and the larger plant bowl is from Lidl.


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