My visit to the nutritional therapist

Since I was probably 14 I’ve been constantly on a diet. I stopped doing gymnastics and started going to parties and eating 23p chocolate bars from Lidl’s instead. You all know the ones I’m talking about stop judging me…. After that incomes the wine, dining out and office job and if your not careful next thing you know your secretly eating peanut butter kit-kats.

A typical breakfast before…

I really didn’t like what I saw in the mirror but even that didn’t make me want to do something about it. What finally pushed me on to do something was the constant uncomfortable bloating and skin congestion. Tummy fat – ok. Shit skin – no.

Bumpy, congested and spot prone skin

I didn’t tell anyone apart from one of the girls at work where I was going because I was embarrassed. I actually lied and told another of the girls I was going to get my bikini waxed because I figured she’ll never find out if I hadn’t so the white lie never hurt anyone and I wasn’t hurt by the non existent wax. Happy days.

Louise Mason from Body fabulous Salisbury agreed to see me in the evening so I didn’t have to take any time off work. The week before I’d been writing myself a diary of everything I was eating, drinking and thinking about how it made me feel. You’d think that I would have been an angel for that week because I would have felt embarrassed but I wasn’t and ate everything in sight. Inside it felt like me and binge eating we’re having our last affair and I shamelessly wrote down every biscuit.

I was so nervous I kept chatting rubbish at the start of the appointment to hide it but she knew. We sat in a lovely modern office and I got on the scales, even though she said the weight didn’t matter and it was my choice but I thought well we’re here now! We went through my food diary, went through my medical history and chatted about life in general. I didn’t feel judged once and it felt like a relief to get it off my chest.

I learnt a lot about my gut and we decided I wasn’t actually eating enough nutrient dense food and going 6 hours without eating. Louise said it was no wonder I ate a share bag of crisps when I finally saw some food I must have been starving! We discussed the stool chart (seriously everyone look this up it’s a great way to see if your digestive system is behaving) and Louise thought she could definitely help me feel better.

A week after the appointment I got an email with everything we’d discussed, recipes and goals such as drinking more water and I’ve been putting them into practice. I also take a probiotic now to help keep my gut healthy. There is a lot of links between gut health and skin health so if the creams aren’t working, have a look there. If your a fad dieter, I can tell you it was 100% worth the money just to get some facts.

After years of googling diets, trying all of them and being misinformed about low fat being healthy I left there knowing what was going to be beneficial to me, and what might make me feel a bit crappy. I haven’t googled anything to do with being thin since, or brought another expensive cream and don’t plan to any time soon.

My skin now…. excuse the half face selfie.

Lots of love, K x



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