My new evening routine

Bonjour! I was sat on the train on Friday dreaming of being home and it reminded me about one of my September goals which was to nail my nighttime routine. I honestly don’t have one in the slightest. Sometimes I go to bed at 10.30, other times I decide a bath at 11.30pm is a good idea (it’s not) and other times I loose track with the girls, wine has been consumed and adulting is the thing of the past. I don’t wake up feeling fresh and I’m sure it’s because I have no consistency so fingers crossed implementing something will answer my prayers!

End goal? Sleep like a goddess and wake up like a goddess – not like a slightly confused, small angry animal (current situation).

After some deliberation I’ve decided I’m going to add a four step routine and an optional fifth for when I’m really feeling it. I felt four is a good amount so it doesn’t feel like a chore and more of a little nighttime ritual.

Body brush

So I do currently do this before I hop in the shower in the morning but I’m going to start doing it at night as well. In the morning this is done at the speed of light because I’m running late but really everything in the evening needs to be slowed right down. I’m a sufferer of pesky ingrown hairs and it really helps to prevent them, it’s also amazing for tone and texture and anything that tones without the word gym involved is fine with me.

Apply lotion

I don’t know about you but I am so bad at moisturising my body. I have a fear of my eczema prone skin just shrivelling up like a raisen as I age and I don’t think I’m helping the situation. One body cream I do get on with (when I apply it once a month) is the Aveno original cream so after my night time body brush I’m going to try and get into the habit of putting this on! I definitely can’t do it in the morning because it feels weird putting your jeans on after you’ve been all creamed up so for me it’s best left to bed time.

Cleanse, tone, night serum

95.2% of the time I take my makeup of before bed. The other 4.8% I have had too much vino, decided my hormonal spots are so bad they couldn’t get any worse or there is a spider above my toiletries. I’m so determined you can create good skin and I want it for myself! I’ll be starting the quest to perfect skin soon so I can let you all know what really works for me and what doesn’t (if you want to know of course I can’t force you but if congestion is your issue I feel ya….).

Deep breathing & gratitude

Breathe in and count one, breathe out and count one. All the way up to ten. Sounds simple right? Well my brain says otherwise and starts thinking things like what if I got pregnant with twins, will J-lo ever age, I need a wine rack and I wonder how much it would hurt to loose a finger. The thing is your brain is very complex and you’ll always have bloody weird thoughts racing through it. If we can have a bit more control over the chattering and stop to think about our breathing I’m sure we’d rest easier. Then right at the end I’ll say something I’m grateful for because we really can’t do enough of that. I’m grateful for Nars sheer glow – see easy, now your turn.

A long old bath

This is one for when I’ve got an hour to spare and I definitely don’t every evening. I’m going to write a post about the ultimate bath set up soon but until then put your Epsom salts in (obviously if your allowed) and go big on the bubbles. You know you want to.

Please share with me your night time routine and thank you so much for listening to little old me!

Lots of love,

K x


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