Beating Sunday night dread

I think I’ve suffered with ‘Sunday night dread’ my whole life.

That feeling as a teenager the weekend was coming to a close. Knowing I’d have to venture back into that place with those people I didn’t like, put a front on to try and get me through those five days.

Hopefully you all loved school and the experience was positive but mine, not so much.

Maybe I’d pull a sickie? Yes good plan.

Enter twenty something life and a Monday sickie isn’t really an viable option. With a mortgage to pay and wine to consume I need those pennies.

So what do we do when the sun goes down on a Sunday and you start thinking you’d rather go off grid, make nettle soup and whittle spoons for a living than set foot inside that work space tomorrow?

Here are a few ideas to help alleviate the symptoms of Sunday night dread from a fellow sufferer.

Get Monday ready on Friday

Sprinting out of work (who am I kidding, I’ve not sprinted since I was six) on the last day of the week is something a lot of us do.

This usually results in a messy desk and a few loose ends we’ve not tied up. These are usually the things creeping into our brains at 7pm on a Sunday.

Grabbing a G&T on the sofa ASAP is important and if anyone will back you on that it’s me but before you drop that lime into your glass tidy your desk, write a list of things to do so you don’t panic about forgetting them and leave it for Monday.

Now switch off and get home girl.

Start planning Sunday early

Dreaming about a slow, relaxed Sunday kicks in around Wednesday for me.

Imagining the day will be just the way you want will stand it in good stead to do just that.

For me, Sundays are sacred. It’s the day of the week Dan and I are fully present with each other. We eat a yummy brunch, have cups of tea on the sofa and my intelligent husband laughs at my shit jokes.

Always making sure the diary is free means we get to spend Sunday how we like, only making plans when it’s something we really want to do.

Plan how you want to spend your day and stick to it the best you can. It’s your day after all!

If you want to read a bit about the power of saying no, check out my post here.

Nail your bedtime routine

There’s a reason these routines exist for children and I don’t think they should end in adult life, they just look a little different now.

Dan could wash my hair, give me a quick leg massage and read me a story but I fear that’s not going to happen so in the spirit of being your own hero I came up with a routine for myself.

I set my alarm for Monday so I don’t have to do it after all the niceness. Run a bath, light a candle and do some face and body treatments. Then I take the candle into our bedroom, turn the lights off so they don’t confuse my brain. Put my creams on and stick my phone on charge and hopefully I won’t touch it again. Time to snuggle on in for ten minutes before I blow the candle out and try to get off to sleep.

Your Sunday routine might look a little, or a lot, different. I try to keep it simple or it feels like more of a chore than a little self care session and I’m all about the easy life.

Is it time for a change?

There are different levels of Sunday night dread and we need to try to recognise when it’s a little bit too far the other way.

If every Sunday you are panicking at the thought of going into work and you’re loosing sleep because of it, maybe it’s time to have a think.

Is there anything I can do to alleviate this feeling? Or is it time for a change?

Changing your mindset could be an option but if it’s not, time to turn to action.

Perhaps talking to your boss about how you feel could help, or a colleague you trust. Accepting the fact the job might not be for you is hard but it could open to door to a less anxious life.

Please share your thoughts with us on Sunday night dread and any little rituals you use to help you!

Lots of love,

K x