Five things I’ve learned while ‘attempting’ to plan our wedding

Hello you lovely lot. The big day is fast approaching and my wedding is just under three weeks from now. One minor melt down regarding gold eyeshadow aside I think I’ve been pretty chilled. I’m like the Karen Smith of wedding planning, running off to Taco Bell when ever I get the chance and avoiding all decisions that involve brain power. What is the English equivalent to Taco Bell? Please let me know.

Organisation is an area I’ve struggled with all my life and it’s not without trying, practice makes perfect and all that! Wether it’s finances, packing for a night away or planning I don’t know, a wedding, I always struggle to remember everything and end up having a gin in the garden instead of finishing the job at hand. Luckily with the help of Anna Newton’s advice and a lot of writing things down I finally feel like I’m getting there. I want to be one of those organised people and mark my words, I will be. Anna has some great PDFs on her website so take advantage of them if like me, you’re still at the stage of have 5000 loose receipts in the bottom of your handbag.

When it came to our wedding I knew I had to be a bit more prepared this time. You know a bit more Monica, a bit less Phoebe. We’ve taken it in our stride and I’m happy to report we are pretty much ready to go. The things you forget usually don’t matter – forgotten the rings? Who needs them anyway…

Start saving as soon as you can and set your budget early!

The first thing we did, and I would urge you to do too is set your budget. One rule we decided on was to not spend more on the big day than we did on our house deposit. That meant we were spending no more than ten thousand pounds and we weren’t prepared to spend quite up to that either. We didn’t start saving as soon as we got engaged (October 17) as we thought we had loads of time. Turns out time doesn’t care how much you need to save which resulted in panic stashing more towards the end than we could comfortable afford to do but we’ll know for the next big thing we save for. It’s all a learning curve. Alternatively you could try and get adopted by Daddy Warbucks.

DIY decs and a takeaway makes for a great night in

If no one seems up for coming over and helping you de-label jars trick them into doing it. Who can resist a bottle of wine and an Indian AND you can all have fun laughing about how shit you all are at crafting. The first attempt at making my wedding invitations end up in belly laughs and happy tears. Just perfect.

Look outside the box for your venue

One of the patients from my work told us about our now venue! We are getting legally married in a registry office at 12.30pm and then going to our venue for 2pm to have a day long party. It’s not super traditional but we wanted the day to last as long as we could and thought it took some of the pressure off. The venue was £1500 from Thursday-Monday and it’s beautiful. If they were registered to have weddings I could see it costing £3500 upwards, especially for five days!

It’s all about who you know. Got a mate that’s got a field? Great. Know someone with a marquee company? EVEN BETTER. You don’t need to go for the big house if it’s not you.

Remember it’s your day (and your partners) so don’t give into pressure!

In the lovely world of comparison it’s easy to feel like you need to compete with Karen’s twenty thousand pound wedding at which a dove placed the ring on her finger, but please remember you don’t. It’s your day and if you want a stranger things themed wedding with bridesmaids dressed as demigorgans you crack on. But please remember your friends might not speak to you after. If you want to spend hella dollar that’s fine as well, as long as it’s making you happy.


I repeat. Everything is going to be okay. Take a deep breath and try to enjoy the process. It’s a lot to do, a lot to remember and it can be very stressful. Try not to sweat the small stuff early on and think about the things that will actually ensure you get married. All the other stuff? It’s just a bonus.

I’d love to know your thoughts on wedding planning and any advice you have!

Lots of love,

K x



  1. July 25, 2019 / 10:02 pm

    I have zero clue how some people manage to plan a wedding in 2/3 months, there’s so much to do! I think setting your budget first is such a smart move and helps you not get too carried away x


    • mindmovementandmalbec
      July 27, 2019 / 1:40 pm

      Yes me too! Definitely the best thing we did ❤️ xxx

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