Five beauty heroes I can’t live without

I am not the kind of person that rolls out of bed in the morning and looks fresh after a little splash of water. I do not, and probably will never have the skin of a Victoria Secret model even if it is on my goals list for 2018. This is partially due to the fact cheese means more to me and I can’t afford all of those luxury facials even if I would like them.

Luckily for me there are some beautifully packaged products (and some not so beautifully packaged) on my shelf that help me get through the day without people saying “are you okay, you look unwell?”. I would just like to say, to avoid a double red-face-moment we must stop saying this to people. If someone is feeling run down they will usually tell you before you ask and get the awkward…. No. Why do I look ill? Aghh no I didn’t mean it!

I used to be a beauty therapist and my obsession with good skin and the search for the glow has never ended. One thing I have learnt is sometimes a cheap product or DIY job can be just as good as the high price tag item. Below are some of my purchases I have to re-buy when I’m out or life just won’t carry on. I don’t use all of these products religiously every day but I definitely need to know I’ve got them to hand.


Clinique chubby stick

I have friends that are always on the look out for my ‘poppin poppy’ chubby stick so I can stock up as I’m in constant fear they will discontinue it. They are so light weight and really do last so I don’t mind the £18.50 price tag. They are super hydrating and almost turn into a lip stain throughout the day so for me, they are the total lazy girl lip colour. No mirror required.


Body shop body brush

Unfortunately, I am a sufferer of ingrown hairs on the bottoms of my legs. They are not particularly pleasing to the eye at their worst and I’ve only just found the confidence to let them see daylight. Harsh I know, to banish your shins from sunlight forever but my younger self deemed it necessary. I am actually at a stage now where they seem to be improving a lot due to body brushing daily. Make sure you brush towards the heart to improve circulation, skin tone and improve cellulite. After trying every ingrown hair product in the book, who would have thought a £9 brush would have done the trick?


Nivea soft cream

I started using this product after watching a show on channel four where they tested hydration levels on the skin from high street and luxury face creams. The only one that actually showed a increase in hydration levels? You guessed it. Nivea soft cream. The packaging might not be anything special, but it doesn’t flare up my eczema prone skin and for £3.00 for 200ml I’m all in.


The Ordinary retinol 0.2%

This product only made an appearance into my life last year but I use it a few nights a week and it really has improved some scarring on my face. You know when you have a large spot, it goes away but your left with a mark where it use to be? This oil helps to speed up the removal of those dark spots. It slightly irritated my skin to start with but they do say this is normal and it does vary in potency but I would recommend to take baby steps and up the sun cream! It has super powers for a £4.25 price tag.


Decleor hydrofloral mask

I trained in Decleor at Centre Parcs and this brand has since remained my total beauty crush. There is so much science behind the aromessences and treatments you can’t help but fall in love. This mask is a white cream and when warmed in the hands it turns into a light oil. It’s barely got a scent so I won’t send sensitive skin into panic mode and is gentle enough to use around the eyes. You can sleep in it, ideal for me as lazy beauty is my thing, and it won’t stain those White Company pillow cases either. For instant hydration this Queen.



Thanks so much for reading! Please leave a comment and let me know about your beauty hero products.

Lots of love, K x


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