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Every Sunday I sit down and dread planning our meals for the week. That is until, I pull the cookbooks off the shelf and become inspired (and ravenous) by the array of beautiful home cooked meals that can be created. Granted, my attempt sometimes ends in failure but Dan, being the good egg he is, will try and eat each little thing I attempt. Food in Dans eyes is something of a serious matter. On our first date he thought it appropriate to tell me he’d actually envisioned himself marrying an Italian woman because that’s his favourite kind of food. As you can imagine I told him I was just as good as any Italian at cooking, tricked him into asking me to marry him and then he spent the rest of his life hungry. The end. Just joking of course.

I hope you enjoy the suggestions below, they are worth the pennies!

Fresh India

This cookbook is of course Indian and also vegetarian. I’m trying to eat less meat for a few different reasons.

1. The negative impact the meat industry has on our environment, definitely something worth cutting back on! Better to have less, local & organic.

2. Vegetables are cool and we must eat loads of them right now.

3. It really does cut your food expenses right down if like me, you are trying to save some honey for the house of your dreams.

With the simplest and tastiest oven baked bajis around (cutting up 1k of onions wasn’t fun though) and an amazing load of authentic Indian food this book is a must for you spice lovers out there. There is also a really handy introduction about spices, how long to keep them and a bit of history chucked in there too. Not to mention it’s BEAUTIFUL.

Cook nourish glow

By one of my favourite nutritionists, Amelia Freer, this book is amazing for anyone that wants to feel great. There is a rainbow of vegetables throughout and lots of help with kitchen confidence. Amelia chats about food in a refreshing way, calling it food assembly, which essentially is all we are doing when we cook. It kind of takes the scary out of cooking from scratch you know?

Jamie Oliver 5 ingredients

I mean Jamie. Jamie, Jamie, Jamie. This is my favourite recipe book of yours. It’s for anyone that is just starting out cooking from scratch or is short on time in the evenings. With only 5 ingredients it won’t cost you £50 per meal and a trip to another shop because you can only get hybrid kale from Waitrose. Who would have thought fish cakes were so simple, or chicken pie was so quick to make? Jamie did. That’s who, thanks for your wisdom buddy.

If anyone has any recipe books I must try please let me know, I’m feeling as adventurous as ever…

Lots of love,

K x


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