Being emotionally ready to get back to exercise

Exercise is a funny old thing. Something that apparently you never regret and you feel hella AMAZING after you’ve done it. Well I can tell you all that I have definitely regretted a work out or two hundred in my time, the same way Dwight regretted putting Angela’s cat in the freezer.

A year ago I looked a little something like this. I had convinced myself I was obese and was completely consumed by thoughts of being thin. This included exercising six times a week and eating PB Kit-Kat chunky’s in secret (be proud and spread the word, PB Kit-Kats are worth shouting from the roof tops). I ground myself down so much I felt like there was hardly anything left and nothing was ever going to change.

As of probably January this year I have barely exercised. I’ve completed the odd yoga class and walked every day but that’s it. A bit different from exercising 6 days a week like I used to. Honestly I just thought to myself fuck I’m exhausted and miserable. Worrying so much about fitting exercise in and having heart palpitations when I couldn’t. Turns out the “I’ll just be happy when I loose ten pounds” isn’t real, I lost ten pounds and then some, didn’t even realise and if anything I was unhappier. I fell out of love with myself, and no amount of squats were going to change that. I’ve spent this year indulging in myself, writing a lot and haven’t stepped on the scales once.

The Kalya Itsines sweat app works really well for me and it’s what I use to use. This time round I won’t be doing it as regimented as I use to. I love a bit of structure me, but I know how easily I can go over board if I’m not in the right head space. I’m going to set myself new health goals that have absolutely nothing to do with my weight and I’m hoping they’ll go a little bit like this…

Have brighter skin than the Kardashian’s

GLOWING SKIN. Yes. Please. Always. Basically, in a nutshell blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells keeping them lovely and nourished. When we exercise we increase the blood flow which gives us that nice glow and all them nutrients. Also when your pores dilate they secrete oil and also any nasties that are in there as well so make sure you wash your beautiful face after. So yes doing a bit of exercise will give me the skin that is on my dream list.

Maybe I’ll get more social.. or not

As cheesy as it sounds, joining a club or class is such a good way to make friends. However if I totally want to avoid all human contact I can do a workout in my living room with the curtains drawn, maybe even in my pants. You’ll never know.

‘Me time’

If there is ever a reason to do anything it should be for sacred “you time”. Exercise is basically a way to hide from kids or partner that isn’t a cupboard or bathroom and you get some health benefits at the same time. Win win.

Waiting until I was ready to get back exercising was probably some of the best self care I’ve ever done. Listening to your head, heart and body is so important and it’s what I did then, and what I’m doing now.

Lots of love,

K x


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