Becoming Homeowners

It hasn’t been easy becoming a home owner. I had to move four times in a year while we were saving, had quite a bit of debt to shift (I needed those shoes, honestly…) and had to change some habits I had developed since I got my first job. You know the.. get paid, spend it all on two items of clothing and live on super noodles for the rest of the month kind of lifestyle.

I moved out when I turned eighteen *debt incoming*. Not because I didn’t like being at home, more because there was five of us in a two bedroom house and sometimes things were hard and a little bit crowded! I was longing for independence and wanted to be able to do what ever I liked basically so decided I’d do just that. I had a friend that rented a room from this hilarious woman and I ended up moving in to the bedroom next door. It was honestly a fun house. We’d stay up late chatting together and as you can imagine living there didn’t do a lot for my waist line with all the calories in wine and chocolate but I didn’t care I loved it.

I lived there for about a year and made good friends with my landlords son who also worked in the same city as me so we ended up moving to Salisbury together with another mutual friend. As it goes in most shared houses my friends became a couple and even though I was happy for them it felt as if I was intruding in their space and as you can imagine it didn’t last long. I met Mr. Till (my now fiance) while living in Salisbury and we’d decided it was time to have somewhere we could both call home.

I moved back to our little family home in Dorset and after sitting down with the mother-in-law to be, we worked out that we would be ready to buy in a year even after clearing my debt. Moving back home was hard and a few months before we were ready to buy ourselves the family home was sold. Off we went to live at Nan’s…. then at my best friends… then back before finally getting those keys.

I cried a lot, which sounds ridiculous when I think about it now because we were getting closer every month but I felt like I’d taken five steps back and I like to always be going the opposite direction. I woke up one morning and booked a house viewing and told the man we are going to be living somewhere by June or I’m taking up alcoholism and spending my savings on a Chanel investment piece. Safe to say we moved in seven weeks later.

We bought the first and only house we viewed. People will tell you to go and see a minimum of properties etc but there is no rule, when you know you know right? It is a two bedroom middle terrace in need of love, time and some central heating. ‘Everything’ is the only word I can use to describe this little safe haven and what it means to us and I can’t wait to make it the home deserves to be (houses have dreams too you know!).

Now I’m in no way qualified to give advice on home buying etc but I’ve learnt a lot throughout this little chapter of our lives and below are a few things we did that I THINK we actually got right…

Before you do anything go and see a mortgage adviser

It’s free unless you use them to find you a mortgage and they can give you a clear idea of how much you can actually borrow so you can stop thinking about that four bed detached….

Move your debt to one place with 0% interest

A money transfer card saved my bacon. I borrowed my total amount of debt, paid everyone off with it and then paid back this one 0% card. Martin Lewis is the man. If you haven’t heard about him, you should have.

It’s okay to get excited 

You are only human. Now I know everyone says “don’t get excited” “it’s not yours until the money is over” and “don’t get your hopes up”. It is true, no it’s not yours until you’ve paid your deposit. BUT when you’ve spent most of your life without your own space, spent the last year not buying Estee Lauder double wear and only buying wine that’s on roll back then why not dare to dream. You deserve it!

Sorry in advance for the home spam coming your way on Instagram…. If you want to keep up with our little home jump onto Instagram and say hi! I’ve put some pictures below of the house when we first moved in, excuse the mess!

Lots of love, K x



  1. Sophie Harrison
    August 7, 2018 / 5:44 pm

    A lovely read Kirstie – looking forward to the next blog!

    • mindmovementandmalbec
      August 7, 2018 / 9:22 pm

      Thanks so much lovely 😘

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