April’s simple swap – reusable cotton pads

I’m sure by now we’ve all jumped on the train to isolation station and have eaten and drank ourselves into a point of excess. When were told the sofa is the only safe option your damn right we’ll fester there, covered in Tyrlls crisp crumbs and trying not to cross over to our significant others side of the couch to avoid further altercations.

This will be the first post of many about my monthly “simple swaps”. I decided this year I wanted to become more environmentally friendly, mainly so I can look David Attenborough in the eye but of course to help protect Gaia herself.

The best and most effective place to start (I read), is at home.

Naturally, in true Kirstie fashion I banned kitchen roll, grease proof paper and a manor of other things from the house before doing any research on substitutes or getting prepared in the slightest. This resulted in the bottom of my rare baking attempts getting cremated to oven trays and nearly crying about the lack of kitchen roll to hand. I know kitchen roll’s a baddie, but I love it. Miss you kitchen roll.

When I get an idea in my head I throw myself in one hundred percent and sprint with it until eventually tiring, collapsing on the sofa with a glass of red wine, gasping for sips and forgetting about the idea all together. Fickle I know.

One of the problems I do find is the amount of pressure from each other around less environmentally friendly lifestyle choices. You try to do something good like eat less meat and Sage has already messaged you to let you know that you’re still destroying all life on earth so you might as well not bother.

Of course I believe we are all responsible for saving the planet but perhaps for some, a slow and steady approach would be more effective to making long and lasting changes in our lives.

There’s a high chance this won’t sit right with everyone and I understand we don’t have a lot of time but this way I can make sure I’m making effective changes and not panic buying more “eco friendly” stuff without making sure it’s right for me. A lot of the time we get too caught up in what others are doing and forget that it’s our actions and the things we physically do that lead change, not Carol gobbing off at you “well if you’re so environmentally friendly stop buying note books”. Well, I love notebooks and they’re not going anywhere.

That’s why I decided to change one thing a month.

It’s more budget friendly (have you seen how much Beeswraps are!?), gives me time to research alternatives and actually trial them to make sure I really do love them before I share them with you and to make sure I’m not being wasteful.

Every year, if all goes to plan, I’ll be making 12 sustainable swaps. If everyone in the UK did the same we’d make (if my calculations are correct) about 790 million sustainable swaps between us per year.

That’s big numbers, but not quick maths….

I’d love for you to join in and follow along with my simple swaps or make your own and share them with me. Don’t feel pressure or guilt for not getting everything right straight away. No one is perfect and we’re not suppose to be. Take everything at your own pace and our little efforts will make a big difference.

Here is simple swap neumero uno.

Tabitha Eve organic cotton & bamboo make up rounds

From Coconut & Cotton

Okay okay, I’m late the party. Every time I removed my eye makeup I said to myself “I’m going to get those when I run out of cotton pads”. Can you guess what happened? I couldn’t live without the cotton pads for longer than a day so I’d panic buy some more from Boots and the cycle would start all over again.

Finally I remembered to buy them while I was mid packet (top tip there team) so they were waiting for me when the time came to try them out.

These beauties were brought from a local plastic free shop called Coconut and cotton who have an online store. Top marks if you can buy yours locally when this is over but if not A) That’s not your fault and B) This is what the internet was invented for. Well that may not strictly be true, but enjoy.

Tabitha’s make up removal rounds have two different sides, one is naturally mildly exfoliating and the other like a flannel consistency. They’re made in Wales, plastic free, vegan and fragrance free. All the frees.

I use mine to wipe off my cleanser when my muslin cloths are in the wash, the excess from face masks and to remove eye make up with micellar water. During this time at home however I think I’ve lifted a mascara wand to eye about four times.

Make sure to wash them in a bag as I lost one round for a week until I finally found it in a sock. I only spotted it because I was amazed by how white my sock was to find out it wasn’t. My little washing bag came from Coconut and Cotton too and it’s actually a produce bag. I got one with holes in because I feel they’ll clean better in the machine but I also think that’s probably a load of crap I’ve made up.

I’m still removing my nail varnish with cotton pads while I have some left in my mani/pedi box but now I know they work I’ll grab some specifically for that purpose too and let’s be real, I’ve put on nail varnish even less times than I’ve lifted that mascara wand. If I’m being totally honest the only things I’ve been lifting are wine glasses and forks.

This has been a super easy swap to make without having to compromise on anything. If you haven’t tried them I can assure you you won’t be wasting your money, you’ll actually be saving it. Cotton pads are very expensive, especially when you walk into boots for that one thing and leave with half the store.

Saying that, I might buy myself a nice bottle of champagne to celebrate all of the pennies I’ll be saving. Happy double cleansing to you all.

Lots of love,

K x




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