A new chapter in our lives

So today is the day! Dan is leaving the army. As I’m finishing writing this he has just text me saying he’s waiting to be marched out. I am so proud of all he’s done in his career and I can’t wait to have him around more. This also means I need to stop living on an evening diet of wine and Brie. Annoying I know but Dan likes real dinners apparently. Wonder who will cook those?

I’ve had mixed feelings about the changes that would happen in our life since we decided this was what he was going to do last year. We met just over three years ago after he’d come back from living Germany and we have only spent weekends together really. He got a few weeks leave at Christmas and in the summer and I won’t lie I was worried about us still getting on as well as we do! I am messy and when I start tidying I start playing with things I find (like an toddler that’s in to everything). Dan on the other hand is very tidy and well behaved so I probably drive him nuts. I also sing all the time and not well – another reason he may decide not to marry me next year. I wouldn’t blame him, no one but Bonnie Tyler should sing Bonnie Tyler.

The mixed feelings left when we brought our house and Dan took quite a bit of leave to sort stuff out. Yes we had a few tiffs at the start, buying a house is super stressful and it was to be expected. And yes Dan if your reading this I am still working on not leaving my contact lense pots around…

What I really wanted to say was that it’s okay to feel nervous when you enter a new chapter of your life. I know that Dan is. People say to me all the time “oh what if you can’t live together seven days a week” and I used to make jokes about it but now I just say, we will be fine and I can’t wait to have him home.

So Dan here’s to you! I’m so proud of you and I hope your looking forward to your next chapter and we will celebrate this weekend.

Who knows what the future will hold but I’m so excited and hoping where ever we end up there’s cake.

Lots of love,

K x


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