A little reintroduction

Hello everyone how are you all? I’ve missed you.

I’ve been away on a blogging break which basically means I’ve been consuming far to many baked goods, lying horizontally and watching reruns of the US Office.

I know you won’t judge me.

Being away however, has given me some much needed thinking time on which direction I want my blog to go in.

At the beginning of the year I decided I was going to write about petite style. Finding clothes that fit were a massive problem for little ole’ me and I decided some of you may also be struggling. Ping there’s my niche. YES.

Following this bold decision and a bit (a lot) of effort I realised I hate shopping, am not really that stylish and other girls do this MUCH BETTER.

So what do I enjoy? What do you guys like to see me post?

Definitely not my three date night looks because that was an almighty flop and quite honestly unsurprising. Whilst writing I didn’t feel passionate about it or read it and think I was funny which of course, I didn’t like.

Finding a thousand words to put into the world about jackets in incredibly difficult feat for me personally so I intend to not write about clothes again. Any good petite finds though I will always share on Instagram and tag my outfits in posts!

A twenty something lifestyle discussion blog was what I first set out to do and through trying new things I seem to have completed a full three sixty and come back to the original idea. The same me from a year and a half ago just with a more varied vocabulary.

Talking about relationships, sex, the female form and daily twenties disasters is what I enjoy chatting to you about, and my stats tell me you guys agree.

Please let me know if there is anything you want me to write about, your recommendations are always the best.

A monthly newsletter will soon be going out so please sign up to this on my blog homepage. Inside this newsletter will be a general catch up, a cock up from the previous month, a success (I hope) and some thoughts for the next one. Please email me back and share your funny stories with me so I feel more human! I’ll love you forever and if we ever meet, I’ll buy you a glass of wine of course.

Thank you for listening to me rambling and I hope you’re happy to see my post land in your inbox. I’m off for a glass of wine in the bath and I’ll catch you all soon.

Actual evidence of me writing

Lots of love,

K x


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